Websites Built with Google Business Profiles

Websites Built with Google Business Profiles No Longer Available


Google Business Profile Websites Shut Down

Attention Business Owners:

As of March 5, 2024, websites created through Google Business Profiles are no longer accessible to visitors.


If you previously used Google Business Profiles to build your website, here's what you need to know:

Visitors Redirected Until June 10th: Anyone trying to access your website will be temporarily redirected to your Google Business Profile until June 10, 2024.

Page Not Found" After June 10th: After June 10th, visitors will encounter a "Page not found" error if they attempt to visit your website through the old address.

Note: Domains ending in "" and "" are no longer supported in the website field of your Business Profile. These have been automatically removed.

Still Have Your Business Profile? Great!

Your Business Profile remains unaffected by these changes. It's a valuable tool to:

  • Book a Domain and Build a Website: Having a website allows you to create a more comprehensive online presence beyond your Business Profile. You can control the design, content, and functionality to truly represent your brand.
  • Showcase Your Business: Highlight your products, services, and what makes your business unique.
  • Share Updates: Keep customers informed about promotions, events, or important news.
  • Connect on Social Media: Include links to your social media platforms for a well-rounded online presence.
  • Attract Customers: Use high-quality photos to showcase your offerings and entice potential customers.
  • Provide Contact Information: Make it easy for customers to reach you by displaying your phone number or enabling messaging features.

Don't have a website? No worries!

These changes only affect businesses that previously relied on website creation through Google Business Profiles.

Kiyado: Your Website-Building Partner

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Don't let the Google Business Profile website changes hinder your online presence. Visit Kiyado today and get started building a website that will help your business thrive!

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