What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ?

21 Nov 2023 | 3 Mins Read


Understanding SEO

What is SEO

SEO is like the magical spell that helps your website speak the same language as Google. When people look for cool stuff on the internet, Google uses SEO to decide which websites are the coolest and should be shown first. It's like being the coolest kid in the class that everyone wants to play with!

Why is it important for any business?

Okay, picture this: You have a lemonade stand, and you want everyone to know you make the best lemonade in town. SEO is like putting up a giant sign that says, "Best Lemonade Here!" When people search for "yummy lemonade," Google sees your sign and tells them to come to your stand. More people visiting means more lemonade sold, and that's good for your business!

Advantages of Doing SEO

  1. Show and Tell

    SEO helps your website show off its talents to the world. It's like putting your hand up in class to answer a question – you want everyone to know you're smart and have something awesome to share.

  2. Friends with Google

    When your website becomes best friends with Google, it gets invited to all the cool parties (search results). This means more people find your website, and you become the popular kid on the internet block.

  3. Happy Visitors

    Imagine your website is a playground. SEO makes sure it's the coolest, most fun playground ever! Visitors stay longer, play more, and keep coming back because your website is just so much fun to hang out on.

Issues if the Website is Not Optimized

Uh-oh, what if your lemonade stand had no sign and was hidden in a secret cave? No one would know about your amazing lemonade! That's what happens if your website isn't optimized. It becomes like a ninja in the dark – super cool but invisible. No one finds it, and your business might not grow as much as it could.

So, my young SEO enthusiasts, remember: SEO is your website's superpower. Use it to make your online presence shine like a beacon, and soon you'll be the superhero of the digital world!

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Rizwan Mohammed Yoosuf

Author | Head -Digital Marketing Strategist @ Kiyado Innovations